Waste Tire Pyrolysis Turn to Oil

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 A6.熱裂解廢輪胎-變燃油 Waste Tire Pyrolysis Turn to Oil 

                                                     Waste Tire Pyrolysis Turn to Oil

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Recycling of used tires to Oil, Carbon black and wire by Vacuum Pyrolysis






The unique Waste tire Pyrolysis system of recycling waste tires into

recovered gasified oil,carbon black and steel scraps is:






·可使用在全世界Applicable all over the world


Recycled output products are usable and marketable


  Pyrolysis system recovered gasified oil can be used as an energy source in combustion engines, industrial    

  burners, power plants and large-scale heating systems.


  Carbon black can be reused in the rubber industry for new rubber or, as a lining  


  Steel scraps can be reused by the steel industry.

最近歐盟在2000/76/EC增加需要的規則並建立了從輪胎的燃燒製程型式和剩餘渣的含量均建立了嚴格的標準能使用輪胎作為固體燃料 ,有效的投資必需做到所產生大氣汙染的限制,焚化炉火力燃燒輪胎將被禁止.

Recently, the EU has increased the requirements in Directive 2000/76/EC and has established strict standards on the discharge of atmospheric pollution from these types of burning processes and on the content of the remaining slag. To be able to use tires as solid fuel, significant investments must be made to limit the atmospheric pollution they create. Burning tires in incineration plants will be halted.


In the EU, close to 6 million tons of replaced waste tires are produced annually.

輪胎工業、汽車工業、環保人士和政府將使用本熱裂解Pyrolysis system氣化系統來處理廢輪胎

The tire industry, car industry, environment activists and governments will use the Pyrolysis system to

manage the problem of waste tires.



Yearly Capacities of the Pyrolysis Gasified system:


 Input of waste ground tires: ca. 8,000 ton per year


 Output of recovered oil: ca. 3.3 million litres per year

·照煙產出量: 360萬公斤

 Output of carbon black: ca. 3.6 million kg per year


 Output of steel: ca. 560 tons per year


The Pyrolysis Gasified system consists of the following components:

·使用預熱分配進料單元Dosing input unit with pre-heating


·氣化反應器Gasified reactor

·碳黑冷却輸送帶Carbon black cooler conveyor

·鋼絲的電磁式磁選機Electro-magnetic separation of steel wiring

·碳黑冷却槽和大型過濾袋Carbon black cooler tank and jumbo bag

.回旋單元可作為瓦斯氣純化Cyclone unit for gas purificant

·蒸餾柱Distillation column

·恢復氣化油的冷却單元Cooling unit for recovered gasified oil

·200立方米瓦斯槽200 m³gas chamber

·瓦斯氣火炬Gas torches

·SCADA控制系統(電子、五金和軟體)SCADA Control System (electronics, hardware and software)


熱裂解氣氧化系統的特性Features of the Pyrolysis Gasified system:

·系統的建造和設計-每天24小時/每週7天的生產System is built and designed for : 24/7 production

·系統入料能力: 20-24公屯廢輪胎Daily input capacity of system: 20–24 ton/day of waste tires


 Daily output capacity of system : 10,000–10,500 l/day of recovered gasified oil and 10,000 kg–11,000 kg/day   

 of carbon black


 Consumption of energy : 12 kw/h steady consumption of running system

·最小需求人員:每班一個監督和1個工人Minimum needed crew : One supervisor and one worker per shift

氣化系統最小安裝需求Minimum Installation requirements for the Gasified system are:

·密閉的工業空間,2015M6MClosed industrial space, 20 m length, 15 m width, 6 m height

·氣室用的分料空間200立方米儲存筒Separated space for gas chamber for 200 m³ reservoir


 Electrical power supply in size of min. 40 kw/h consumption for start preheating (4hours), and 12 kw/h running power


Reservoir for recovered gasified oil (or oil truck tanker) is not part of the supply


本氧化系統的好處Advantages of the Pyrolysis Gasified system:

·高效益High Efficiency

·CE證書CE certificate

·每班只需1個監督和1個工人Only one supervisor and one worker per shift needed

·低操作成本Low operating costs

·全自動化Fully automated

·密閉,連續進料系統以增加效益Closed, continuous feed system with increased efficiency

·適當尺寸和系統容量適合小型空間Optimal size and capacity of the system, suitable for smaller spaces

·連續製程可確定輸出產品為高品質Continues process ensures high quality of output products

·小能源消耗5-15KW Small energy consumption (5–15 kW)

·二年保固Two-year warranty


Maintenance service: four times a year for three days each; 12 days in total per year

·可使用產品:回復氣化油, 碳黑和廢鋼

Usable output products: recovered gasified oil, carbon black and steel scraps

·SCADA 電子導引控制系統可透過網際網路進入和監控沒有排出汙染物

 SCADA electronic guided control system, access and monitoring over the internet

·沒有排出汙染物No polluting emissions

·快速投資回收(ROI),歐洲只要2Fast return of investment (ROI), only two years in Europe


System is ready to work in cogeneration link (three types of generation: electricity, heating and cooling)