Lamps & Testers
A.Aerial Work Platform B.Truck, Working Platform, Pallet Truck & Drum Lifters C.Electric, Diesel, Gas, LPG Fork lift D.wire rope cutter

E.Hose reel F.Portable electric & pheumatic power shear G.Magnetic Drill Machines H.Power Tool

I.Air Motors & Air Tools J.Scrap Eagle Shear & Demelition Tools K.Scrap Shear L.Gunning Machine,Mini Grouters

M.Marking Machine & Marker Penstick N.Building & Construction Equipment O.Slag Pot Carriers P.Metal Detectors - USDA,FDA Approned

Q.Work Piece Rotation Machine R.Moving Rollers S.Various Separators LT    

            照明                              可充電手提式LED燈
       1.照明與儀器  Lamps & Testers                    2.SMD LED燈 100系列  SMD LED SERIE100

T1.照明與儀器 Lamps & Testers                                                                             下載down loadE-Z TEC金屬探測器 E-Z TEC METAL DETECTORS
  1-1.健全企業的完美工具 The perfect tools for a healthy business

  1-2.燈 Lamps

  1-3.充電式LED燈 KB110 Rechargeable LED lamp

  1-4. KB110 規格與配件 The specification & spare parts of KB110

  1-5.充電式LED燈 KB130 Rechargeable LED lamp

  1-6. KB130 規格與配件 The specification & spare parts of KB130

  1-7.充電式LED燈 KB080 Rechargeable LED lamp

  1-8.便攜式充電式LED燈 KB90 Rechargeable LED lamp - Pocket lamp

  1-9.變焦頭燈 KB055 Zoom head lamp

  1-10.頭燈 KB056 Head lamp

  1-11.引擎蓋下燈 KS30/230 Underhood lamp

  1-12.LED手電筒 LED Flashlight

  1-13.視頻內窺鏡 Video endoscope

  1-14.視頻內窺鏡 KE700 Video endoscope

  1-15.視頻內窺鏡規格KE700 The specification of Video endoscope

  1-16. KE700整組套件 KE700 – Package contents

  1-17.測儀器 Testers

  1-18.筆型萬用表 KM010 Pen type multimeter

  1-19.自動測量數位測儀表 KM020 Autoranging digital multimeter

  1-20.全功能測儀錶 KM030 All – purpose multimeter

  1-21.全功能測儀錶規格 The specification of KM030

  1-22.鉗型測儀表 KM040 Clamp type multimeter

  1-23.鉗型測儀表規格 The specification of KM040

  1-24.高準確度鉗式測儀表 KM041 High Accuracy clamp meter

  1-25.雷射測距儀 KM075 Laser distance meter

  1-26.30A汽車電流表 KM050 30A Automotive current tester

  1-27.80A汽車電流表 KM051 80A Automotive current tester
  1-28.紅外線測溫儀 KM060 Infrared thermometer
  1-29.轉速表 KM070 Tachometer

T2.SME LED 燈 100系列     SME LED SERIE100                                                       下載down loadE-Z TEC金屬探測器 E-Z TEC METAL DETECTORS
  2-1.讓一切明亮    Makes everything brighter  

  2-2.可充電手提燈ART.39100        RECHARGEABLE PORTABLE LAMP ART.39100

  2-3.ART.39100 說明 ART.39100 Description   

  2-4.手提燈LED 100系列      PORTABLE LAMP LED series 100
  2-5.100系列  說明  series 100 Description