High Performance Screw Jack

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1.螺旋千斤頂科技 Screw Jack Technology                                                                  下載down load
2.有用的信息 Useful information
2-1.從我們的目錄提取 Extract from our catalogut
2-2.應用實例 Application Examples
2-3.三軸運作模式 Three-axis functioning model
2-4.有用的信息 Useful information
2-5.系統解決方案 System solutions
3.項目規劃 Project planning                                                                
3-1.公式列表 List of formulae
3-2.安裝建議 Suggestions for installation
3-3.使用壽命 Service life
3-4.使用指導 Guidelines for use
3-5.環境溫度 Ambient temperatures
3-6.精密等級 Precision ratings
3-7.應用特殊工作領域 Special operating areas of application
3-8.蝸輪螺旋千斤頂的尺寸 Dimensioning of worm gear screw jacks
3-9.允許操作設置 Permitted operating settings
3-10.起重系統的選型 Dimensioning of lifting system
3-11.示意圖驅動系統佈局 Schematic drive system layout
4.螺旋千斤頂 Screw jacks
4-1.工程支助 Cinstruction support                                                          
4-2.典型配置1-典型配置2 Configuration type1-Configuration type2
4-3.結構配置 Structural configuration
4-4.技術資料 Technical information
Worm gear screw jacks technical information
4-4-2螺旋千斤頂技術資料 Screw jack  technical information              
4-5.SHE範圍尺寸規劃 SHE range dimension plans                        
4-6.MERKUR範圍尺寸規劃 MERKUR range dimension plans           
4-7.HSE範圍尺寸規劃 HSE range dimension plans
4-8.SHG範圍尺寸規劃 SHG range dimension plans                               
4-9.特殊行進螺帽尺寸規劃 Special travelling nuts dimension plans
4-10.安裝位置,軸/附件側 Mounting positions,shaft / attachment side
4-11.訂購細節 Ordering details
5.傘齒輪箱 Bevel gear boves                                                                            
5-1.結構配置 Structural configuration
5-2.項目規劃 Project planning
5-3.尺寸規劃 Dimension plans
5-4.訂購細節K...13 Ordering details for K...13
5-5.訂購細節KA / KV和MORMA Ordering details for KA / KV andMORMA
6.升降螺旋防護罩 Lifting screw protective covers                                                                  
6-1.靈活防護靴 Flexible protection boots
6-2.尺寸,配置類型1 Dimension,Configuration type1
6-3.尺寸,配置類型2 Dimension,Configuration type2
6-4.螺旋彈簧套 Spiral spring covers
7.聯軸器和連接軸 Couplings and connecting shafts                                  
7-1.靈活聯軸器 Flexible couplings
7-2.靈活過載聯軸器 Flexible overload couplings
7-3.訂購代碼 Ordering codes
8.配件 Accessories                                                                                            
8-1.旋轉板 Swivel plates
8-2.旋轉安'裝基座 Swivel mounting bases
8-3.安裝馬達凸緣 Motor mounting flanges
8-4.安裝凸緣於空心軸 Mounting flanges for hollow shaft
8-5.枕塊 Pillow blocks
8-6.凸緣軸承 Flange bearings
8-7.手輪 Hand wheels
8-8.潤滑系統 Lubrication systems
8-9.同步控制多軸旋轉升降系統 Synchronisation control in multi-screw lifting systems
8-10.限位開關 Limit switches
8-11.控制單元 Control units
8-12.電器監控裝置 Electrical monitoring devices
9.概述更多直線運動產品 Overview further linear motion products            
9-1.機電線性驅動器CMLA Electromechanical linear actuators CMLA
9-2.機電螺旋衝頭ALS / ALSR Electromechanical screw rams ALS / ALSR
9-3.高性能線性驅動器HLA High performance linear actuators HLA
9-4.高性能線性驅動器ELA High performance linear actuators ELA
9-5.伸縮式升降柱 Telescopic lifting columns PHOENIX
9-6.直線運動精密螺桿 Linear motion precision screws
9-7.螺旋千斤頂英制尺寸 Screw juack in imperial sizes
9-8.英制尺寸線性驅動器 Linear actuator in imperial sizes
10.一般信息 General informations