Theatrical Hoist


天車製作依據標準和法規Standard & Law for Crane A.天車工程和設計Engineering & Design For Crane B.電動鋼索吊車Electric wire rope hoist C.電動鍊條吊車Electric Chain hoist

D.氣動吊車Air hoist E.CM綜合目錄CM industrial Products F.手拉吊車Hand Chain Hoist無塵室和食品工業吊車 

H.防爆吊車和防火花吊車Exposion proof & Spark Resitant Hoist I.平衡吊車及荷重定位器 Spring Balancer & Load Positioner J.真空吸管式無重力吊車Vacuum Tube Ergonomic Lifting Systems K.舞台吊車Theatrical hoist

L.旋臂吊車及輕型天車Jib Crane and Light Duty Crane M.手動,電動,氣動,防爆捲揚機Manual、Electric、Phneumatic 、EX Proof Winches N.直流電動貨車吊桿DC Auto Crane O.CM 大車和配件CM End truck Crane Source

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K.舞台吊車 Theatrical hoist

                 CM舞台吊車                                  CM舞台資料                                    舞台製造者
                       1.CM舞台吊車                                           2.CM 舞台吊車最近資枓                                   3. 舞台製造者 SR
                     Theatrical Hoist                                 Theatrical Hoist  Update                                  STAGEMAKER SR
                                            鏈條大師                                                       舞台吊車使用情況
                               4. 鍊條大師-舞台和音響吊升設備                                             5.舞台吊車使用情況
           Chain Master - Stage & studio lifting equipment             Theatrical Hoist Conditions of use for

1. CM舞台吊車 Theatrical Hoist                                                                                下載down load1. CM舞台吊車 Theatrical Hoist

       1-2.直接控制舞台吊車 SHOWPRO DIRECT CONTROL
       1-3.BGV 雙剎車型舞台吊車 LODESTAR BGV-C1
       1-4.舞台吊車特性 LODESTAR FEATURE
       1-5.PROSTAR 舞台吊車 PROSTAR
       1-6.舞台吊鍊 / 卸克及配件STAC CHAIN / SHACKLES & ACCESSORIES I
       1-7.尺寸規格 DIMENSIONS
       1-10.LODESTAR D8+ & BGV-C1系列 LODESTAR D8+ & BGV-C1 SERIES
2. CM 舞台吊車最近資枓 Theatrical Hoist  Update                                             下載down loadCM 舞台吊車最近資枓 Theatrical Hoist Update


3. STAGEMAKER SR  舞台製造者 SR                                                                         下載down loadCM 舞台吊車最近資枓 Theatrical Hoist Update

   1.STAGEMAKER SR是我們在娛樂市場廣泛經驗的結果,跟隨著建立良好的研發和世界性客戶
      STAGEMAKER SR is the result of our vast experience in the entertainment market,along
      with well established  R&D and relationships with our worldwide customer base

      STAGEMAKER SR是我們在娛樂市場廣泛經驗的結果,跟隨著建立良好的研發和世界性客戶
   2.STAGMAKER SR有了在娛樂吊掛市場和舞台,音響,競賽和貿易展示..等超過38年的經驗,

      STAGEMAKER SR has an excellent global reputation with

      More than 38 years of experience in the entertainment rigging market as well as
      theaters,studios,events,trade   show,…Our long life span,together with our
      impressive customer  references,proves our commitment to this Market and Reliability
      and ingenuity of our products.

  3.回到進行中的創新政策和經常的升級使用現代科技來調整STAGEMAKER SR機種吊車進一步保
     證STAGEMAKER SR 正提升了舞台娛樂市場的性能標準Backed by this ongoing policy of
     innovation and constant upgrading in tune with  current technologies,the STAGEMAKER
     SR range of hoists will further prove that Stagemaker is Raising the
    Standard of Performance in the entertainment market.

     雙剎車如標準 BGV D8+READY    As standard BGV D8+ READY   
     創新Innovation  完美的推動 PERFECT PUSH


     New “Perfect Push”,patented concept,5 pocket load wheel,fitted with 5 intermediate teeth.

     This innovation provides improved chain guiding and chain flow,to help reduce the risk of
     chain jamming.

     Design provides a horizontal flow of the chain as it comes off of the load wheel.

     This design,along with the high strength aluminum construction,allows for a more fluid
      flow of the chain into the chain bag and helps reduce the risk of chain jamming .

      Drain in housing to avoid water collection in load wheel compartment.

      Rubber buffers located on the hoist corners provide added protection for the hoist.

      Motor design provides consistent speeds when both fully loaded or unloaded.    
      Electrical components designed for” plug and play connectivity.

  選用配備 Optional equipment

    -單剎車選用 Single brake option.

    -押扣控制 Pushbutton controller.

    - 4、8、12道控制器 4,8,and 12 channel controllers

    - 110VAC或48VAC控制電壓 110VAC or 48VAC control available.

    -單一和雙飛行箱 Single and double flight cases.

    -不旋轉鉤頭 Non rotating hook.

    -吊眼取代上鉤頭 Suspension eye instead of upper hook.

    -工業用鍊條導槽 Industrial chain guide

  安全 Safety

    >雙吊車剎車為標準型作為更多的安全SR系列是D8+ready(就緒) ( 再設定名義上荷重除2之後)

     Double lifting brake as standard for more safety.Stagemaker SR is D8 + ready
     (after resetting nominal load,divided by2)

    >離合器概念,離合器在減速機內 , 不論機器的每天操作情況,可確定荷重是由剎車來握持

     Clutch concept .The clutch position in the reducer ensures the load is held by the brake
     regardless of the  machine’s daily operating conditions

     Electrical limit switch as standard on all hoists(version B)

     IP55protection for the entire hoist .
    >黑色電氣鍍鋅吊升鍊條,特別製作為Stage maker用

    Black electro galvanized lifting chain manufactured specifically for Stagemaker.
    >所有吊車馬達配備有熱電隅保護用來防止過熱 (B機型)
    All hoist motor as integral thermal protection to prevent overheating (version B)

    操作方便 Operating Convenience


     Operating sound level down to 60 db(test certificate available)

     Climbing hoist or industrial suspension configuration can be changed simply by reversing
     the chain container.

     Rotating upper and lower hooks.

     Chaining tool delivered with every hoist.
    >高能力和高強度鍊袋由1100細絲高級黑色纖維做成 ,均可移開和倒吊用

     High capacity and high strength chain bag made of 1100 denier,high grade black fabric,
     is both removable and reversible.

      節省 Savings

      Maintenance operations are now simpler,faster and more economical:


     Easy access to the torque limiter.

     Easy access to safety fuses.

     New concept of easily dismountable hoisting motor.


     Easy access and removal of plug and play electronic boards.

     Easy visual access to the brake for control.

      改善的無重力 Improved Ergonomics

      設計吸引注意 , 結實性和上船技術並給了強烈整體安全的印象,新的流線型提供了
      TAGEMAKER SR在操作環境有好的組合,如灯光、擴音器等

      Due to oval shape the chain can’t be stock on top of the motor,this reduce the risk of
      chain jamming. The design  with its flowing and refined lines draws attention to its
      robustness and on-board technology and gives a strong impression of integral safety. The
      new streamlining provides STAGEMAKER SR better integration in its
      operating environment(lighting,loudspeakers,etc.)


      Hoist meets ecology regulations and is RohS compliant
    >吊車本體是黑色粉體烤漆,環氧樹脂漆有70mm厚保護,允許在最惡裂的情況下表演(-20°C to
     + 50°C-4 to 122°F)

     The hoist body is powder coated with black,protective 70 um epoxy paint,allowing it to
     perform under the most extreme conditions(-20C° to + 50 C°/-4 to 122 degrees F)


     Lifting hook has an ergonomic,rubber clad,gripping surface

    >新的無重力觀念,可伸縮,橡膠覆層, 手把,允許容易運送吊車

     New ergonomic concept for the retractable,rubber clad, handgrips,allow for easy
     transportation of the hoist.

4.鍊條大師-舞台和音響吊升設備                                                                            下載down loadCM 舞台吊車最近資枓 Theatrical Hoist Update
   Chain Master - Stage & studio lifting equipment                    
  4-2.目錄 Table of contents
  4-3.什麼時候開始? When it has to be spot on…

  4-4.鍊條大師的革新 Innovations
  4-5.世界性的活動 Active world-wide!
  4-6.使用狀況 Conditions of use
  4-7.工程需求 Enginering Requirements
  4-8.BGV-D8 電動鍊條吊車 Electric chain hoists - BGV-D8

  4-9.BGV-D8 電動鍊條吊車特性 Features of Electric chain hoists - BGV-D8
  4-10.BGV-D8+ 電動鍊條吊車 Electric chain hoists - BGV-D8+

  4-11.BGV-D8+ 規格 Specification of Electric chain hoists - BGV-D8+
  4-12.BGV-D8+ 特性 Features of Electric chain hoists - BGV-D8+
  4-13.BGV-C1 電動鍊條吊車 Electric chain hoists - BGV-C1
  4-14.世界各地成功 Successful all over the world


     台設配項目,當定位吊車時, VarioLift提供了最大的精度和再生率,此系統的心臟是整體的,向
     The VarioLift,which was 18 months in the development and testing prior to its introduction
      in 1998,has turned out  to be a world-wide success. It would be difficult to name another
      item of stage equipment that celebrated events and stage designers have taken to with
      quite the same enthusiasm and made an essential component of their  creative work. The
       VarioLift offers maximum precision and reproducibility when positioning the hoist. At the
      heart of  the system sits an integrated,vector-controlled frequency converter supplied by a
      high-impulse incremental  encoder. The upshot is a degree of positional accuracy that
      seems scarcely believable:0.2 millimeters ! The VarioLift product rang includes models for
      loads ranging from 125 kg to 6300kg conforming to the BGV-C1  Standard. A model is
      available,then,for applications as diverse as scenery movement at 42m/min to the lifting
      of  heavy loads.
            The VarioLift family of products offers various levels of control. Applications of every kind
            are realizable,ranging  from simple tasks using the ProTouch Stage-Operator via the
            tried-and-tested INTER-BUS control system for set-up operations through to the XYZ
            Controller,the IEC-61508/SIL3-standard state of the art system. Combined with
            the latest frequency converters,the performance of VarioLift chain hoists is practically
            unmatched. Full torque delivery  at standstill for a duration of several minutes,two
            absolute encoders for software-controlled emergency and end  limit switches are just
            two of our innovations.
  4-16.Vario Lift 電動鍊條吊車特性 Features of Electric chain hoists - Vario Lift
  4-17.Jumbo Lift 電動鍊條吊車特性 Features of Electric chain hoists - Jumbo Lift
  4-18.Jumbo Lift 電動鍊條吊車規格 Specification of Electric chain hoists - Jumbo Lift
  4-19.走行小車 VARIO - Trolley
  4-20.VARIO - Trolley 走行小車規格 Specification of VARIO - Trolley
  4-21.手動控制器 BGV-D8/D8+   Manual Controller - BGV-D8/D8+
  4-22.手動控制器 BGV-D8/D8+   Manual Controller - BGV-D8/D8+
  4-23.手動控制器 BGV-C1  Manual Controller - BGV-C1
  4-24.手動控制器 BGV-C1  Manual Controller - BGV-C1
  4-25.C1-觸模式面盤控制  C1 - Touch Panel Control
  4-26.C1-觸模式面盤控制  C1 - Touch Panel Control
  4-27.舞台控制器 Stage Controllers
  4-28.舞台控制器 Stage Controllers
  4-29.荷重監視系統Load Monitoring
  4-30.荷重監視系統Load Monitoring
  4-31.配件 Accessories    
      增量解碼器 Bracket with O-Ring

      附O型環支架 Absolute Encoder SSI-Multi-turn

      絕對解碼SSI-多圈 Bracket with turnable Hook

      可旋轉鉤頭支架 Vector-Frequency Inverter

      向量、頻率變頻器 Load Cell,separate or in Bracket integrated
  4-32.配件 Accessories
  4-33.鍊條大師內部 Chain Master Inside
  4-34.鍊條大師內部 Chain Master Inside

  4-35.永遠領先一步 Always a Step Ahead                                                                                      
5.舞台吊車    Theatrical Hoist            BGV-D8,BGV-D8+,BGV-C1                                下載down load
   使用情況    Conditions of use for       BGV-D8,BGV-D8+,BGV-C1    
   5-1.BGV-C1電動鏈條吊車工程需求 BGV-C1 Electric Chain Hoist Engineering requirements
   5-2.BGV-D8,BGV-D8+,BGV-C1工程需求 BGV-D8,BGV-D8+,BGV-C1 Engineering