Chain Sling  & Accessories


A.Lifting Magnets B.Magnetic Separators C.All kinds of Grabs D.Vacuum lifter & Accessories

E.Chain sling,hook & Accessories F.Hook,Block,Shackles & Turnbuckles G.Wire rope end fitting H.Web slings 

I.Stainless steel Lifting Chain & accessories J.Clamp & C Hook,Coil Lifter K.Lifting Tong L.Container Spreader 

M.Weight measurement & Crane Scale N.Crane hook dimension 

E1.CM Chains & Attachments E2.Kuplex 8+10 Chain & Attachments E3.Winner G100 Chain & Attachment E4.DIN grade 80 Chain & Attachment

E5.European Chain,accessories & Clamps E6.CM Magnet Chains E7.Aircraft Tie down Chain E8.鍊條維修保養Chain Care ,Use and Maintenance

E.吊鍊及配件Chain sling & Accesories

                    E1.CM鍊條配件 CM Chains & Attachments                              E2.8+10鍊條及配件 Kuplex8+10 Chain & Attachments          

              CM Chains & Attachments               Kuplex8+10 Chain & Attachments


                    E3.G100鍊條配件 Winner G100 Chain & Attachment                              E4.德規鍊條配件 DIN Grade 80 Chain & Attachment   

      Winner G100 Chain & Attachment          DIN Grade 80 Chain & Attachment  
               E5.歐規鍊條配件 European Chain,Accessories & Clamps                        E6.CM磁鐵吊鍊 CM Magnet Chain
  European Chain,Accessories & Clamps                     CM Magnet Chain  

               E7.CM金色彎鉤吊鍊 Aircraft Tie down Chain                           E8.鍊條維修保養Chain Care ,Use and Maintenance
                 Aircraft Tie down Chain                       Chain Care,Use & Maintenance