Winner G100 Chain & Attachment


A.Lifting Magnets B.Magnetic Separators C.All kinds of Grabs D.Vacuum lifter & Accessories

E.Chain sling,hook & Accessories F.Hook,Block,Shackles & Turnbuckles G.Wire rope end fitting H.Web slings 

I.Stainless steel Lifting Chain & accessories J.Clamp & C Hook,Coil Lifter K.Lifting Tong L.Container Spreader 

M.Weight measurement & Crane Scale N.Crane hook dimension 

E1.CM Chains & Attachments E2.Kuplex 8+10 Chain & Attachments E3.Winner G100 Chain & Attachment E4.DIN grade 80 Chain & Attachment

E5.European Chain,accessories & Clamps E6.CM Magnet Chains E7.Aircraft Tie down Chain E8.鍊條維修保養Chain Care ,Use and Maintenance

E3.G100鍊條及配件Winner G100 Chain & Attachment
                G10 吊鍊及配件                           G12 鍊條系列
                                  G10鍊條及配件                                                                        G12 鍊條系列
              Winner G100 Chain & Attachment                                        Chain System in G12

3.G10鍊條及配件Winner G100 Chain & Attachment                        

3-1.G10 吊鍊及配件 G10 Chain Sling & Accessories                               下載down load3-1.G10 吊鍊及配件 G10 Chain Sling & Accessories

   1.G10 鍊條系統 Chain System in G10

   2.目錄 Content

   3.G10 鍊條和配件系統 Chain & Accessory System in G10

   4.鍊條品質規格和益處 Features & Benefits of Lifting Chains in G10 Quality

   5.荷重能力表 Load Capacities

   6.吊具訂購樣本實例 Lifting Example of Order Text

   7.標準鍊帶型式 Standard Sling Types

   8.標準鍊帶型式 Standard Sling Types

   9.Winner 400吊舉鍊條 Lifting Chain Winner 400

   10.G8 圓鋼鍊條 G8 Round Steel Chain

   11.G10 主吊環與組件 Master Links & Subassemblies in G10

   12.AW 主吊環 AW Master Link

   13.VW 主吊環組件 VW Master Link Assembly

   14.VMW 加大主吊環組件 VMW Enlarged Master Link Assembly

   15.VLW 1 大尺寸主吊環組件 VLW 1 Oversize Master Link Assembly

   16.KAGW 1 接環主吊環組 KAGW 1 Clevis Master Set

   17.KAGW 4 接環主吊環組 KAGW 4 Clevis Master Set

   18.KMGW 2 接環加大主吊環組 KMGW 2 Enlarged Clevis Master Set

   19.VXKW 1 卡鍊主吊環組 VXKW 1 Clevis Master Set

   20.VXKW 4 卡鍊主吊環組 VXKW 4 Clevis Master Set

   21.LXKW 2 大尺寸卡鍊主吊環組 LXKW 2 Oversize Clevis Master Set

   22.G10 吊舉配件 Accessories in G10 Lifting

   23.CW Connex 鍊接 CW Connex Connecting Link

   24.CARW 圓形吊帶鍊接 CARW Round Sling Connecting Link

   25.LHW 安全吊鉤 LHW Safety Hook

   26.WLHBW 旋轉安全吊鉤 WLHBW Swivel Safety Hook

   27.PW 眼型抓鉤 PW Grab Hook

   28.XKW 縮短鉤 XKW Clevis Shortening Hook

   29.BWW 板狀金屬鉤 BWW Sheet Metal Plate Hook

   30.KNEW 接根 KNEW Toggle

   31.KHSW 卡鍊吊鉤 KHSW Clevis Sling Hook

   32.KCHW 卡鍊C型鉤 KCHW Clevis C-Hook

   33.KFW 卡鍊式滑鉤 KFW Clevis Foundry Hook

   34.KSCHW 雙開口卸克 KSCHW Clevis Shackle

   35.單鉤配件組  Transition Assembly for Single Hook According DIN 15402

   36.雙鉤變單鉤鉤頭組 Transition Assembly for Double Hook According DIN 15402

   37.G10 吊舉特殊配件 Special Accessories in G10 Lifting

   38.U型Unilock卸克 U Unilock Connecting Link

   39.DF 旋轉器 DF Swivel

   40.BRG 水泥管吊夾 BRG Concrete Pipe Lifting Sling

   41.SCH 卸克 SCH Shackle

   42.SM S-Hook SM S型鉤

   43.FA 桶鉤 FA Barrel Hook

   44.HZ 高強度夾具 HZ High-Tensile Lifting Tong

   45.吊樑與特殊元件 Spreaderbeams & Special Components

   46.G10鍊綁 Lashing in G10

   47.直接鍊綁 Direct Lashing

   48.有阻力的鍊綁 Frictional Lashing

   49.ㄧ些平常貨品的動摩擦因子 Dynamic Friction Factors of Some Usual Goods

   50.G10鍊綁配件 Accessories in G10 Lashing

   51.Winner 200 鍊綁鍊條 winner 200 Lashing Chain

   52.KSSW 鍊綁鍊條伸縮器 KSSW Clevis Turnbuckle for Lashing Chain

   53.KHSW 卡鍊型吊鉤 KHSW Clevis Sling Hook

   54.PSW 抓鉤附安全栓 PSW Grab Hook With Safety Catch

   55.RSPS G8 載重連結器 RSPS Load Binder G8

   56.ZRSW G10 鍊綁鍊條 ZRSW Lashing Chain G10

   57.備品 Spare Parts

   58.卡鍊插銷 Clevis Load Pins

   59.安全舌片組 Safety Catch Sets

   60.CW 螺栓+安全鎖扣 CW Bolts + Safety Catch

   61.U型螺栓+墊片+螺帽 U Bolts + Washer + Nut


3-2.G12 鍊條系列 Chain System in G12                                                       下載down load3-2.G12 鍊條系列 Chain System in G12

   1.G12 鍊條系列 Chain System in G12

   2.吊升與鍊綁 Lifting & Lashing

   3.目錄 Content

   4.創新.品質.合作 Innovation.Quality.Partnership


   6.G12 系列鍊條和配件 Chain & Accessory System in G12

   7.荷重能力 Load Capacities

   8.吊具訂購樣本實例 Lifting Example of Order Text

   9.G12 鍊條 Chains in G12

   10.吊舉鍊條 Lifting Chain

   11.吊舉鍊條 Lifting Chain

   12.AWP 主吊環 AWP Master Link

   13.VMWP 加大主吊環裝配 VMWP Enlarged Master Link Assembly

   14.CWP Connex鍊接 CWP Connex Connecting Link

   15.LHWP 安全吊鉤 LHWP Safety Hook

   16.技術資料 Data

   17.直接鍊綁 Direct Lashing

   18.有阻力的鍊綁 Frictional Lashing

   19.鍊條外觀 Profile Chain

   20.HSWP 眼型吊鉤 HSWP Eye Sling Hook

   21.CBHWP Connex 螺栓和櫬套組 CBHWP Connex Bolt & Bushing Set

   22.PSGWP 安全插銷組 PSGWP Safety Pin Set

   23.用戶手冊 User Manual-1

   24.用戶手冊 User Manual-2

   25.用戶手冊 User Manual-3

   26.用戶手冊 User Manual-4