DIN Grade Chain & Attachment


A.Lifting Magnets B.Magnetic Separators C.All kinds of Grabs D.Vacuum lifter & Accessories

E.Chain sling,hook & Accessories F.Hook,Block,Shackles & Turnbuckles G.Wire rope end fitting H.Web slings 

I.Stainless steel Lifting Chain & accessories J.Clamp & C Hook,Coil Lifter K.Lifting Tong L.Container Spreader 

M.Weight measurement & Crane Scale N.Crane hook dimension 

E1.CM Chains & Attachments E2.Kuplex 8+10 Chain & Attachments E3.Winner G100 Chain & Attachment E4.DIN grade 80 Chain & Attachment

E5.European Chain,accessories & Clamps E6.CM Magnet Chains E7.Aircraft Tie down Chain E8.鍊條維修保養Chain Care ,Use and Maintenance

E4.德規80級鍊條及配件 DIN grade 80 Chain and Attachment

                                 4.德規80級鍊條及配件 DIN Grade 80 Chain and Attachment                                               4-1.德規圓鋼鍊條 Round Link Chains                             

                                     4.德規80級鍊條及配件                                                          4-1.德規圓鋼鍊條                             
 DIN Grade 80 Chain and Attachment                            Round Link Chains             

                                4-2.德規鋼鍊 Steel Link Chains                                               4-3.德規鍊輪 Chain Wheels         

                                             4-2.德規鋼鍊                                                                           4-3.德規鍊輪

                                       Steel Link Chains                                                                 Chain Wheels

4.德規80級鍊條及配件 DIN Grade 80 Chain and Attachment                       下載down load4.德規80級鍊條及配件 DIN Grade 80 Chain and Attachment 

   1.德規80級鍊條及配件DIN Grade 80 Chain and Attachment

   2. 80級產品一覽1 Product Overview GK8

   3. 80級產品一覽2 Product Overview GK8

   4. 80級產品一覽3 Product Overview GK8

   5. 80級產品一覽4 Product Overview GK8

   6. 80級產品一覽5 Product Overview GK8

   7.名牌 Identification Tag Grade 80

   8.安全工作荷重一覽表 Working Load Limit

   9.安全工作荷重一覽表-束緊時 Working Load Limit (Choke Hitch)

   10.安全工作荷重一覽表-無端時 Working Load Limit (Endless Chains)

   11.圓鋼環節鍊條 Round Steel Link Chains

   12.主吊環1 Suspension Components

   13.主吊環2 Suspension Components

   14.主吊環3 Suspension Components

   15.主吊環4 Suspension Components

   16.主吊環5 Suspension Components

   17.主吊環6 Suspension Components

   18.主吊環7 Suspension Components

   19~24.吊鉤 Hooks

   25.縮短鉤 Shortening Components

   26.縮短鉤 Shortening Components

   27.卸客 Shackles

   28.卸客 Shackles

   29.拉力器 Chains Tensioners

   30~34.特殊吊重配件 Special Sling Components

   35.綁鍊 Lashing Chains

   36~39.備品與配件 Spare Parts and Accessories

   40.設計-標準吊鍊 Design: Standard Sling Chains

   41.無端設計 Design for Endless Chains

   42.吊鍊一覽-單串吊鍊 Sling Chain Survey : 1- Leg Sling Chains

   43.雙串吊鍊 2- Leg Sling Chains

   44.四串吊鍊 4- Leg Sling Chains

4-1.德規圓鋼鍊條 Round Link Chains                                                                  下載down load4-1.德規圓鋼鍊條 Round Link Chains 

   1.德規圓鋼鍊條 Round Link Chains

   2.德規鍊條總覽 Overview

      G3 圓鋼鍊條 Round Link Chains grade 3

      G2 圓鋼鍊條 Round Link Chains grade 2

   3.德規鍊條總覽 Overview

      G2, G3 圓鋼輸送帶鍊條 Round Link Chains for Conveyors, grade 2 and 3

   4.德規 DIN 763和 DIN 766 測試鍊 Tested Chains DIN 763 and DIN 766

   5.德規 DIN 762和 DIN 764 測試鍊 Tested Chains DIN 762 and DIN 764

   6.德規 DIN 32891,DIN 5683和 DIN 82056 測試鍊 Tested Chains DIN 32891, DIN 5683 and DIN 82056

   7.德規 DIN 5685 非測試鍊 Untested Chains DIN 5685

   8.德規 DIN 5686 打結鍊 Knotted Chains DIN 5686

   9.德規 DIN 32895 和 DIN 32896 吊鍊

      Spreader Chains DIN 32895, Chains Locks for Spreader Chains DIN 32896

   10.德規 DIN 5279 窗型鍊 和 DIN 5280 球型鍊 Sash Chains DIN 5279, Ball Chains DIN 5280

   11.德規 DIN 22252 礦業輸送帶鍊接鍊 Link Chains for Mining Conveyors DIN 22252

   12.EN 818-2-8 吊鍊 Sling Chains EN 818-2-8

   13.EN 818-7 吊車鍊條電鍍鋅 Hoist Chains EN 818-7, Electro Galvanized

   14.漁用鍊條 Fishing Chains

   15.螺柱鍊接錨鍊 Stud Link anchor Chains

4-2.德規鋼鍊 Steel Link Chains                                                                  下載down load4-2.德規鋼鍊 Steel Link Chains

   1.德規鋼鍊 Steel Link Chains   

   2.傳動鍊 Transmission Chains

      DIN 8187 歐規系列單工滾鍊 Simplex Roller Chains European Series DIN 8187

   3.傳動鍊 Transmission Chains

      DIN 8187 歐規系列雙工滾鍊 Duplex Roller Chains European Series DIN 8187

   4.傳動鍊 Transmission Chains

      DIN 8187 歐規系列三工滾鍊 Triplex Roller Chains European Series DIN 8187

   5.傳動鍊 Transmission Chains

      DIN 8188 美規系列單工滾鍊 Simplex Roller Chains American Series DIN 8188

   6.傳動鍊 Transmission Chains

      DIN 8188 美規系列雙工滾鍊 Duplex Roller Chains American Series DIN 8188

   7.傳動鍊 Transmission Chains

      DIN 8188 美規系列三工滾鍊 Triplex Roller Chains American Series DIN 8188

   8.傳動鍊 Transmission Chains

      DIN 8164 套筒鍊 Bush Chains DIN 8164

   9.傳動鍊 Transmission Chains

      DIN 8182 旋轉式鍊條 Rotary Chains DIN 8182

   10.傳動鍊 Transmission Chains

      DIN 鋼板鍊 Steel Plate Chains

   11.輸送帶鍊 Conveyor Chains

   12.輸送帶鍊 Conveyor Chains    

      滾鍊彎曲配件板 Roller Chains with Bent Attachment Plates

   13.輸送帶鍊 Conveyor Chains

      滾鍊附垂直配件板 Roller Chains with Vertical Attachment Plates

   14.輸送帶鍊 Conveyor Chains

      滾鍊安裝U型鍊接 Roller Chains with Mounted U-shape Links

   15.輸送帶鍊 Conveyor Chains

   16.輸送帶鍊 Conveyor Chains

      DIN 8165-1 FV 型輸送帶鍊附實心插銷 Conveyor Chains with Solid Pin, Type FV, DIN 8165-1

   17.輸送帶鍊 Conveyor Chains

   18.輸送帶鍊 Conveyor Chains

      DIN 8167-1 ISO M 型輸送帶鍊附實心插銷 Conveyor Chains with Solid Pin, ISO Type M, DIN

   19.輸送帶鍊 Conveyor Chains  

   20.輸送帶鍊 Conveyor Chains

      DIN 8168-1 ISO MC 型輸送帶鍊附空心插銷 Conveyor Chains with Hollow Pin, ISO Type MC,
      DIN 8168-1

   21.輸送帶鍊 Conveyor Chains

   22.輸送帶鍊 Conveyor Chains

      DIN 8175 套筒輸送帶鍊重型執行 Bush Conveyor Chains, Heavy Execution, DIN 8175

   23.載重鍊 Load Chains

   24.載重鍊 Load Chains 

      DIN 8152-1 LL 輕系列板式鍊 Leaf Chains, Light Series LL, DIN 8152-1

   25.載重鍊 Load Chains

      DIN 8152-3 LH 重系列板式鍊 Leaf Chains, Heavy Series LL, DIN 8152-3

   26.載重鍊 Load Chains

      DIN 8150 高爾鍊 Gall Chains DIN 8150

   27.落鍛無鉚釘鍊條和小車 Drop Forged Rivetless Chains and Trolleys

   28.其他鍊條 Other Chains

      複合鍊 Multiple Chains

4-3.德規鍊輪 Chain Wheels                                                                  下載down load4-3.德規鍊輪 Chain Wheels

   1.德規鍊輪 Chain Wheels

   2.鍊輪總覽 Overview

     G3 & G2 圓鋼鍊條 Round Link Chains Grade 3 & 2

   3.鍊輪總覽 Overview

     G2 & G3 輸送帶圓鋼吊鍊 Round Link Chains for Conveyors Grade 2 & 3

   4.執行 Execution

     鍊輪設計 Designation of Chain Wheels

   5.鍊輪幾何 Geometry of Chain Wheels

   6.~10.DIN 766 /EN 818-7

   11.DIN 762, DIN 764

   12.DIN 764

   13.DIN 763, DIN 22252

   14.非齒輪型鍊輪適用圓鋼鍊條 Non-geared Wheels for Round Link Chains

   15.非齒輪型鍊輪適用圓鋼鍊條 Non-geared Wheels for Round Link Chains