A.Aerial Work Platform B.Truck, Working Platform, Pallet Truck & Drum Lifters C.Electric, Diesel, Gas, LPG Fork lift D.wire rope cutter

E.Hose reel F.Portable electric & pheumatic power shear G.Magnetic Drill Machines H.Power Tool

I.Air Motors & Air Tools J.Scrap Eagle Shear & Demelition Tools K.Scrap Shear L.Gunning Machine,Mini Grouters

M.Marking Machine & Marker Penstick N.Building & Construction Equipment O.Slag Pot Carriers P.Metal Detectors - USDA,FDA Approned

Q.Work Piece Rotation Machine R.Moving Rollers S.Various Separators LT    
S1.磁選機 Magnetic Separator S2.滾筒磁選機 Magnetic Drum Separator S3.渦電流分選機 Eddy Current Separator S4.振動給料機 Vibratory FeederS5.磁性管 Magnetic Tube 


       濕式強磁過濾器          S2-4           ECS

                  HI濕式強磁過濾機                                磁性皮帶輪                                          渦電流分選機操作手冊
     HI High-Intensity Magnetic Filter               Magnetic Pulley               Eddy Current Separator Operation Manual

1.HI濕式強磁過濾機  HI HIGH-INTENSITY MAGNETIC FILTER                    下載down load5.砂礦篩選永磁式磁選機 Permanent Magnet Separator
   1-1.應用 Applications
  1-2.特性 Features
  1-3.效益 Benefits
   1-4.手動清潔系統 Manual Cleaning Systems
  1-5.自動清潔系統 Automated Cleaning Systems
  1-6.型號和磁力強度 Models and Field Strengths
  1-7.HI過濾器尺寸和重量 HI Filter Dimensions and Weights

2.磁性皮帶輪 Magnetic Pulleys                                                                        下載down load4.磁性皮帶輪 Magnetic Pulleys
    1.永久磁鐵和電磁鐵 Permanent & Electric
Principle Of Operation    

    3.AIP皮帶輪結構(軸流式內極皮帶輪 Axial Interpole Pulleys) AIP Pulley Construction
     高溫用途 High Temperature Application
    4.規格(英製) Specifications (INCH-LB SYSTEM)
       標準AIP皮帶輪尺寸Standard AIP Pulley Dimension
Specifications (METRIC SYSTEM)
       公製AIP皮帶輪尺寸 Metric AIP Pulley Dimensions

    6.規格(英製) Specifications (INCH-LB SYSTEM)
       標準AIP軸心尺寸 Standard AIP Shaft Dimensions
Specifications (METRIC SYSTEM)
       公製AIP軸心尺寸 Metric AIP Shaft Dimensions
    8.電磁式皮帶輪 Electromagnetic Pulleys

3.渦電流分選機操作手冊 Eddy Current Separator Operation Manual                         下載down load3.渦電流分選機操作手冊 Eddy Current Separator Operation Manual
渦電流分選機 Eddy Current Separator
   2.導論 Introduction
   3.結構零件圖 Structural Parts
   4.規格 Specification
   5.注意事項 Warning
   6.操作原則 Principle of Operation
   7.一般描述 General Description
   8~19.零件組成 Description of Components