YaleMtrac優勢 點擊圖片放大


2.無限高度捲揚吊車優勢 The advantages at a glance               下載 down load 
2-1安全首輪 Satety hand wheel
2-2易組裝 Easy to assemble                                                                
2-3多功能應用 Versatile applications
2-4無限長度 Endless
2-5方便使用 Ready for use
2-6使用壽命長 Long service life
2-7可靠性高 Hight reliability
2-8維修容易 Easy to service
2-9質量工程 Quality engineering

3.無限長度絞車特性 Features of the endless winch
3-1安全下降機制 Safety lowering mechanism
3-2起重電動機和煞車 Hoist motor and brake
3-3靈活連接點 Flexible attachment points
3-4接觸器控制作為物料運送 Contactor control for material transport applications
3-5控制櫃作為物料運送 Control cabinet for material transport applications
3-6安全載客吊升 Safety for passenger elevation
3-7超速安全捕捉裝置 Overspeed safety catching device
3-8傾斜安全補捉裝置 Inclined position safety catching device
3-9控制櫃載客吊升應用 Control cabinet for passenger elevation applications
3-10選用 Optional
3-11控制櫃和電壓保護成一體 Control cabinet with integrated voltage protecion

4. 特點 Featurs
4-1 Mtrac 型號技術數據 Technical data Mtrac
絞車物料運送 Winches for material transport
4-2 YaleMtrac尺寸 Dimensions Model YaleMtrac
4-3 Mtrac尺寸 Technical data model TaleMtrac
絞車載客吊升型號1808 Whinches for passenger elevation acc.to EN 1808
4-4超速安全補捉裝置尺寸規格 Dimensions overspeed safety catching device
4-5傾斜位置安全補捉裝置尺寸規格 Dimensions inclined position safety catching device

5. Yale全面產品提供範圍 The comprehensive Yale product range also offers
5-1起重機系統 Crane Systeme
5-2起重設備 Hoisting Equipment
5-3紡織起重吊索 Textile lifting Slings
5-4捆紮設備 Lashing Equipment