4.RP-IT 旋轉粉碎機 Rotating Pulveriser 點擊圖片放大

4.RP-IT 旋轉粉碎機 Rotating Pulveriser


4.RP-IT  旋轉粉碎機 Rotating Pulveriser                                                                             下載down load2.第二代廢鋼鷹嘴剪刀 The New Scrap Shear SH Eagle 2        

    RP-IT液壓旋轉粉碎機,含有全新的機身設計,是一種多用途的工具:它是適合初期拆除和高揚程的應用,也可作二       次粉碎,有利於進一步回收。

    The RP-IT hydraulic Rotating Pulveriser, with the all new body design, is a very versatile tool: it is suitable for             primary demolition and high reach applications, and also for secondary pulverizing, facilitating further recycling.

Hydraulic Rotation液壓旋轉

The sturdy rotation allows accurate positioning of the attachment in any working application and in complete safety.



Tough and compact structure  堅韌,結構緊湊

The Pulversiser is built with high wear resistant materials with a hardness of HB 400. The profile of the mouth is reinforced to improve the wear resistance and make the equipment even more compact.

粉碎機是用HB400硬度的高耐磨材料做成 , 開口的外形加強以提高耐磨性和使設備更緊湊。



Speed Valve  速度閥

The presence of a patented Speed Valve allows faster cycle times (opening/closing), improving productivity. It also controls and protects the hydraulic circuit from pressure peaks. 



All models are fitted with rebar cutters as standard. Blades can be turned for extended wear life.



Mobile jaw plate  移動式顎板

PLATE CRP (single tooth) for better penetration in primary demolition.


PLATE PP (double tooth) for better crushing in secondary demolition.



New fixed jaw design全新固定顎設計

The specific openings in the fixed jaw let the material drop off easily as it gets crushed, increasing tool productivity.

在固定齒爪持定的開口, 當它粉碎後讓材料掉落,,提高了機具產能。

Interchangeable parts  可互換零件

The design of the mouth has been designed to increase the productivity of the attachment: simply replacing the interchangeable plates, once worn, brings the tool back to original specification. 開口的設計已經被設計用來提高本機具的產能:簡單地更換可互換板,一旦磨損,帶回了本機具回到原始規格。