FP-3A型 能力6000磅(2727公斤) capacity 6000 lb.(2727kg) 點擊圖片放大

FP-3A型 能力6000磅(2727公斤) capacity 6000 lb.(2727kg)


 2.FP型油壓吊桿   FP Hydraulic lift boom                                                                  下載down load 日規H樑、工字樑、槽鐵 等型鋼規格尺寸 JIS- H ,I beam、Channel specification
2-1.FP1000R型 能力1000磅(454公斤) capacity 1000 lb.(454kg)
2-2.FP2000R型 能力2000磅(909公斤) capacity 2000 lb.(909kg)
2-3.FP4000型 能力4000磅(1818公斤) capacity 4000 lb.(1818kg)
2-4.FP-2A型 能力4000磅(1818公斤) capacity 4000 lb.(1818kg)
2-5.FP-3A型 能力6000磅(2727公斤) capacity 6000 lb.(2727kg)
2-6.FP-3D型 能力6000磅(2727公斤) capacity 6000 lb.(2727kg)

 6000 Ib. Capacity 能力 6000磅(2727公斤)

  • Forward and reverse speed control for



  • Remote Control Pendant 搖控吊掛

  • 24 V. Industrial Quick-Change Battery SystenìWireless Remote Control 無線遙控器

(add 6" to overalllength)

24V. 工業快速更換電池率統(添加 6"總長度)

  • Power Hoist 動力吊車
  • Power In/Out Boom 電源輸入/輸出動臂
  • Sealed Maintenance Free Batterv




  • Meets Ruger's engineering standards of 150%

structural overload of maximum rated capacity

  • Built-in hydraulic overload relief valve

• Pressure-compensated flow valve permits pin-point  control while lifting heavy or light loads

olyurethane drive whee,l load wheels and casters


Manual extension boom for more reach and height

  • Infinite Variable Speed Control

  • 225 amp/hr batteries and 25 amp, 24 volt on-board chargerSolid State Circuitry

  • Dynamic brakeStabilizing casters and spring loaded drive wheel
  • Key lock and battery condition indicator/hour meter

The FP-3A was designed with adjustable legs that open wide to easily straddle oversized loads.

在FP-3A 的設計採用了可調節敞開腿輕鬆的跨越過大的載荷