2-16.CM 舞台吊車最近資枓 Theatrical Hoist Update 點擊圖片放大

2-16.CM 舞台吊車最近資枓 Theatrical Hoist Update

2. CM 舞台吊車最近資枓 Theatrical Hoist  Update                                                下載down loadCM 舞台吊車最近資枓 Theatrical Hoist Update


For decades, the Lodestar Electric Chain Hoist or “Motor” has taken on many different supporting roles in the entertainment industry. From standard lifts to sophisticated computer-automated projects, the Lodestar has been the number one choice in the market. Loyal users trust the Lodestar for unparalleled reliability and durability, show after show.

As the entertainment industry continues to evolve through technological advancements and greater production demands,

the need for qualified and trained hoist technicians continues to expand.

From basic motor maintenance training to certification classes, professionals from 

Columbus McKinnon cover everything from hoist design and operation to maintenance tips of the trade.  Participants become well versed in all aspects of hoist technology and understand practices related to safe operation and long hoist life.

In addition to the popular Lodestar, numerous rigging accessories are available as part of the CM-ET line. Theatrical shackles, lever hoists, winches, beam clamps, and wire rope clips provide riggers with numerous options, depending on the venue. Most product categories feature

a wide range of capacities, allowing the user to choose the exact product for the job.