PS型-能上下貨車電動拖板車 PS-type Climbing truck Autoload Stacker 點擊圖片放大

PS型-能上下貨車電動拖板車 PS-type Climbing truck Autoload Stacker


B3G.PS型-能上下貨車電動拖板車  PS-type Climbing truck Autoload Stacker     下載down loadB3b.高揚程拖板車HIGH LIFT PALLET TRUCKS    

1.PS型   能上下貨車電動拖板車  PS-type Climbing truck Autoload Stacker  

 2.部件介紹  Introduction parts

 3.操作流程  Operation flow   

4.工業車類型表依VDI 2198  Type sheet for industrial truck acc. to VDI 2198

 5.尺寸  Dimensions

Climbing truck Autoload Stacker is an innovation and unique choice for delivery of goods, one product can replace your Tail-lift, Hand Pallet Truck, Stacker, Ramp and Swing lift. It is easy and quick to transport, by loading itself into your Van, Pick-up, Lorry, or Trailer(with or without a load on the forks), so that there will be no unloading or reloading problems at your destination, which increases the efficiency significantly and makes the deliveries easier and faster.


Advantage   優點 ●

Muti-purpose functions with its unique Climbing truck Autoload Stacker design, it is so convenient to travel with the vehicle to serve for different purposes.

Unique design to ensure the stacker can lift itself safely without a load on its forks.

The 12V/42Ah maintenance

-free battery for stable performance and easy service and maintenance.

High performance pump unit gives fast and stable lift and low noise.



12V / 42Ah維修

- 電池性能穩定,維護和保養方便。


Rated load 500kg額定載重500kg

Easy operation  操作方便

Small turning radius轉彎半徑小

Adapt to the narrow space   適用於狹窄的空間