5-1.SD125-250-500. Foldable Swivel Davit: 可折疊旋轉吊桿 點擊圖片放大

5-1.SD125-250-500. Foldable Swivel Davit: 可折疊旋轉吊桿


5.可折疊旋轉吊桿  Foldable Swivel Davit                                                                        下載down load 旋臂吊車及輕型天車系統Jib Crane and Light Crane System

5-1.SD125-250-500Foldable Swivel Davit: 可折疊旋轉吊桿

5-2.技術規格SD125-250-500 .  Technical specifications SD125-250-500.


Foldable Swivel Davit: 可折疊旋轉吊桿

  • robust and safe hoisting Davit堅固的安全吊桿
  • ready to hoist in only 5 seconds只需五秒鐘即可起吊
  • covered winch and cable包括捲揚機和鋼索


in an ergonomic modern design符合人體工程學的現代設計

  • easy to transport, only 25 kg運輸方便,僅25公斤重
  • 360 degrees rotation over a built in pivot bearing內置旋轉軸承可作360度旋轉
  • maintenance free免維護
  • including cable (8m) 包括鋼索(8m


  • adjustable crank可調節曲柄


  • paint application in compliance with DIN/ISO 12944, C1M使用塗料符合DIN / ISO 12944C1M


  • integrated winch in compliance with EN 13157, DIN 15020 and EX types ATEX 114 (94/9/EG) 和捲揚機一體 ,符合EN 13157DIN 15020和防爆型ATEX 11494/9 / EG
  • as option: 如下選項

- zinc-plated finish (6-8 Micron) 鍍鋅處理(6-8微米)

- other dimensions on request其他尺寸可根據要求提供

- ATEX certified      II 3 GD T3, suitable for zone 2 and 22

 ATEX認證II 3 GD T3,適用於防爆2區和22