5.CR-破碎機 CR CRUSHER 點擊圖片放大



5.CR-破碎機   CR CRUSHER                                                                                                        下載down load2.第二代廢鋼鷹嘴剪刀 The New Scrap Shear SH Eagle 2

    在CR液壓旋轉式破碎機是理想的主要拆除及“高揚程”的應用。有兩個強大的油壓缸使鋼筋混凝土梁的拆除變成輕而易     舉工作,提高所有的效率。

   The CR hydraulic rotating crushers are ideal for primary demolition and “high reach” applications. Two powerful      cylinders make light work in demolition of reinforced concrete beams, improving all efficiencies.

Hydraulic rotation   液壓轉動

The sturdy rotation allows accurate positioning of the attachment in any working application and in complete safety. The crusher can also be supplied with mechanical rotation.



High power   高動力

Thanks to the work of the two powerful cylinders this attachment gives an enormous force to the tips.

由於兩個強大的油壓缸作業, 所以此配件給予前端巨大的力量。


Reversed cylinder and forged rod   可逆油壓缸和鍛造拉桿

Forged rod, without any welding, assures maximum reliability.


Reversed cylinders and protection save the rod from external shocks during demolition. 當拆除過程中可逆油壓缸和保護使桿免於外部衝擊。


Large opening   大開口

All CR models have twin pins designed to give maximum jaw opening with high crushing force.  所有CR型都有雙插梢設計提供最大鉗口並附有高破碎力

Heat-treated pins and bushings  熱處理過的銷和滑套

Special heat treatment of pins and bushings grants an excellent wear resistance.



Speed Valve  速度閥

The high performance of opening and closing of the cylinders is guaranteed by the speed valve. The speed valve ensures high productivity.

(CR2 and CR5 are without speed valve)




Blades  刀片

On each model there blades for rebar cutting. Blades can be turned for extended wear life.  在每個型號有刀片切割鋼筋。刀片可以轉換方向以延長磨損壽命。


Tooth Profiles齒輪廓

Specially developed tooth profiles for better penetration.


Jaws without synchronism  下顎不同步

Jaws are without synchronism for a perfect positioning even in the worst condition.